My Martial Path


Over the years my path has transformed dramatically, in all honesty, it still is and probably will in the future. The past is behind me, the future cannot be foretold, so I am only concerned with my present path and where I want it to lead me. In my past I wanted to be like the masters in Saturday kung fu cinema, then I wanted to compete in tournaments, and I did and won many of them in the tri-state area, but then I shifted purely to self defense.


Numerous injuries, starting a pit fighting league, then more severe injuries and then having a martial arts school and mellowing out. I then moved across the country, started fighting amateur vale tudo and not legal contests with a certain Indian reservation. Then more injuries followed and I began focusing on teaching again in the desert.

SRMAA lifetime cert.jpg

Decades have passed and I have been working on combining my martial arts knowledge into one coherent system and as of a few months back I retired my past earned black belts permanently. I decided to form an entirely new martial arts path for myself and as such, I set about to structure what I want out of my current studies…

  1. To complete the founding and practice of my own system that takes a student from striking and stand up, to throwing and grappling, to submissions. I have already taken HUNDREDS of notes for it and am finally ready to found it fully. [I have completed founding my own system and am currently practicing and teaching it]
  2. To learn new systems within the Shintai-Ryu family of systems. I am already learning Kan Shu Kenpo and in the future I will at least learn Renzoku Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. [I am also currently learning Shotokan Karate]
  3. To open a school or teach classes in the Philadelphia area, teaching my own art alongside those mentioned from Shintai-Ryu.

I no longer desire competing, heck i’m almost 40 years old, I feel I have little to prove. I only wish to help spread the martial arts and raise the new crop of martial artists to harvest, helping them prosper and find their path. I want to see them grow and learn and I want to impart all of the life changing lessons I have learned to them. This is my new martial path…my do….