Belt.jpgOsu, salutations and hello new friend, I’m Fred and this is my blog. This blog will be all about the martial arts, my past and my future journeys in the combat sciences. I started martial arts at age ten and am as of writing this post, 38 years of age….but I had a nearly 6 year hiatus from studies. I took the down time to focus on my burgeoning family, of which there’s now six of us (my fiancé, my two sons, my two daughters and myself).

I learned over the years to fit family time, outings, my two sons (Who are Autistic) many appointments, romance time with my fiancée, relaxation and training into one bubble and am finally getting back into the fray of studying.

A few months back I decided to hang up my old belt (as I’d been out of the arts too long) and to begin again. This has been a hard road, but my previous knowledge has helped me and having a great support crew of friends and fellow martial artists has helped me tremendously. I have a new martial path, new systems of study and a renewed vigor to learn and grow.

My previous experience is:

1st Dan (WTF) Tae Kwon Do – Kim’s Karate
2nd degree black belt Bak Sil Lum Quan (Northern Shaolin fist) – Sifu Shi Gan Min
1st Dan Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do – Ed Dewitt
1st level instructor Doce Pares Kali- Aaron Lee
Instructor Sekiguchi-Ryu (Swordsmanship) – Ed Dewitt
Blue belt with a stripe Gracie Jiu Jitsu – Gracie Bara of Tucson
Catch as catch can wrestling – Black flag jiu-jitsu club
Founder/Sijo Shaolin Supreme Phoenix Fist
Founder/Sho Dai Soke Renketsu-Te Karate-Do

I am currently studying Kan Shu Kenpo Karate under Shodai Soke John Cozatt. In the near future I’ll be adding Muay Thai kickboxing and Renzoku Jiujitsu as well. Who knows what else I will learn, after all I am a perpetual pupil…