Consistency makes perfect

Some people say practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t….consistent practice makes perfect!

If you practice a technique improperly one-thousand times, what you’ve essentially done is build up poor technique and poor habit in your execution of technique. The fact is developing bad martial technique/habit is not only dangerous, but it takes twice as long to break and correct it.

Consistently doing a technique, practicing and refining it, that is the key to being skilled, the great secret of you will. Practice does not make perfect, consistent practice, without missing many classes, without taking long breaks and training correctly, make perfect. Just showing up or just doing what you perceive as correct, will lead you down a long road of struggle to attain martial goals.

The fastest road to achievement is in listening and making corrections and this is universal in all martial arts. That, combined with consistently practicing with the corrections applied, will speed up progress and help you develop skills far beyond someone just practicing with the hope of getting better.

When training in Okinawa, if you don’t get correction on technique or form, it’s considered a negative thing, as if the instructor doesn’t like you or doesn’t care about you improving. It’s a sincere honor to have a high ranking instructor give you corrections, it means they took notice of you and want to see you get better and perfect your art.

That is the Do of martial arts training and the secret to becoming a world class karateka or student.


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