Renketsu-Te Karate-Do


The last twenty years I have worked on developing my own system of martial arts that is original, has depth, is highly functional, but pays homage to the traditions and philosophies of old. After around one-hundred revisions, insurmountable changes, trial, error, theory and practice… Renketsu-Te Karate-Do was born.

The finishing touches were added yesterday to the standards and structure and it is officially ready to be taught. Over the next few days I will be setting up the Hombu Dojo and working on a website for it as well. When my fiancee returns from visiting her parents, I will be releasing a few videos on Youtube and will post them here.

So much is going on at the moment and in the near future with Renketsu-Te Karate-Do, that it’s honestly hard to keep track of it all. I have already shared the structure, standards and curriculum with three high ranking martial artists and each applauded my work, so I am both humbled and ecstatic. This is monumental!!!

I will update everyone here as more happens and thanks for sticking by the perpetual pupil ❤


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